Do you have big master bedroom ideas that are confined to a small space? Not all of us have bedrooms on a grand scale—but that doesn’t mean your design dreams need to be put on hold. No matter your style, there’s a way to flawlessly integrate big ideas into a small bedroom. If you’re not yet convinced, take a look at our small master bedroom ideas list and check out our furniture for small spaces.

Surround Yourself with White Rugs & Walls

Dark colors can make a small space look even smaller. Instead, choose soft colors that brighten up a room. Plus, light neutrals have the ability to make something look so elegant. Chic white rugs and walls are our favorite choice for small master bedroom designs.

Paint Your Wall Trim a Lighter Color

If white walls aren’t for you, here’s a compromise: go ahead and paint your walls your favorite color – just keep the trim a lighter color. The lighter trim creates the appearance of extra depth, visually lifting up the space to look taller and larger than it actually is. We love this combination of soft lavender brightened up with white trim.

Use Built-In Storage Whenever Possible

Make the most of a small space with multi-functional furniture. Finding smart ways to maximize storage is one of our essential small master bedroom ideas. If your small room comes with a smaller-than-you’d-like closet, try out a storage bed.

Use Minimalist Decor Throughout the Room

We all love home accent pieces, but in smaller master bedroom designs, it’s important to take a step back and choose your favorites wisely. Think of using minimalist decor and ask yourself, “Which pieces really embody my style and bedroom design?” There’s plenty of small bedroom design tips. When all else fails, a simple plant decoration is a way to keep the vibe fresh.

Turn Your Bed into a Focal Point

You may not have the surface space to decorate with tons of accents like vases, lamps or sculptures. But honestly, why bother? You already have a blank canvas that will soon become your masterpiece: your bed. One of our easiest master bedroom ideas focuses on decoration for the bed. By accessorizing with lots of throw pillows, your bed will become a new focal point filled with flair. If you’re worried about overwhelming your space with multiple patterns, try mixing textures in a cohesive color palette to spice it up and keep the look chic.

Invest in a Canopy Bed

If you’re interested in taking this new focal point a step further, consider a canopy bed. It’s one of our master bedroom ideas perfect for rooms with tall ceilings. The strong structure of a canopy bed shifts your focus. Instead of noticing how small the room is, you will marvel at the lofty vertical space.

Fill the Room with Mirrors

A classic design move on our list of small master bedroom ideas: large mirrors. Since they reflect light, well-placed large mirrors can open a room by brightening it up. Hanging or standing mirrors both work well, but if you’re tight on space, try installing mirrored closet doors.

You can also use small mirrors to achieve a similar effect, but don’t go overboard. Your bedroom is ultimately a place for rest, and too much light bouncing off mirrors could interfere with the peaceful feeling you’re looking for.

Hang Your Lighting

Instead of taking up precious surface space, swap out your floor lamps and table lamps for hanging lights, like chandeliers. A small or medium sized chandelier is a great way to create a focal point without taking up much space. Plus, chandeliers come in all kinds of styles, so you’ll find one that suits yours perfectly, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or eclectic.

Here’s another idea: instead of placing table lamps on your nightstands, try a pair of pendant lights or wall sconces beside your bed. There’s a pendant light for every room.

Note: Keeping surface spaces clear of any clutter is essential in smaller master bedroom designs.

Let in Natural Light

A common theme for small master bedroom designs is the abundance of light. Chandeliers and lamps are great, but it’s hard to beat natural lighting. Unfortunately when it comes to arranging furniture in a small space, you may be faced with placing a bed right in front of a window, effectively blocking out the main source of natural light in most rooms. If there’s no other way around it, opt for a low bed frame, one with cutouts or one with open metal bars to brighten the room as much as possible. And if you’re worried about beams of light streaming through as you sleep, you can push those concerns aside with our next master bedroom idea…

Choose Window Treatments Wisely

Window treatments – there’s an art to them. First, consider how the length of the window and window treatment visually affects your room. Long drapes look beautiful but cut up space by creating a distinct line. To avoid this install your curtain rod higher than the window, closer to the ceiling, to create the illusion of tall windows. Or tie up long drapes with a shabby chic knot for a stylishly effortless look.

Next, consider the color and material. Dark drapes are pretty and dramatic, but it’s a bold look that not all rooms – especially small ones – can carry out. If you want drama in your window treatment design, consider choosing heavy drapes in a lighter hue to keep the bedroom bright during the day. If you’re set on dark window treatments, choose sheers in a dark color, or paint the walls a light color to keep the mood bright.

Create an Accent Wall

For a unique splash of color, try creating an accent wall. It’s a way to bring your own personality into the space without actually taking up any precious floor space. You can learn how to create a gallery wall using a lot of photos and artwork. Other accent wall ideas for the master bedroom include a color wall, patterned wallpaper or wall decals.

Utilize Floating Surfaces

Keeping the floor clear creates the feeling of open, free-roaming space. Instead of adding a large bookcase, mounted floating shelves might be a better option for your bedroom layout. Plus, it’s a good way to display a touch of your personal style.

Are you planning on redecorating your bedroom soon? Let us know which master bedroom ideas are your favorites!