You can usually get a sense of someone’s personality by looking at their style. If we take a look at the home, each room reveals another layer. The living room or kitchen is the side of ourselves we readily share with the world and it’s in the bedroom where we most openly express who we truly are.

So when it comes to how you style your bed, it’s all so much more than aesthetic appeal. Look deeper and you’ll gain some insight on your personality. Curious yet? Read on.

If you have…


You enjoy the finer things in life and your bed is your castle. A pillowy castle, that is. There’s never such a thing as “too much” and when a plush pillow catches your eye, you just can’t pass it up. What can you say? You enjoy luxury. And since you’re all about ultimate comfort, you probably own a Tempur-Pedic mattress, or have been eyeing one for some time now.


white coverlet set with basketweave stitching pattern

You’re a classy minimalist who enjoys a sense of serenity in the bedroom. Nothing should be out of place for more than 10 minutes and you can’t imagine leaving home without making your bed. If you have crisp white sheets, you’re probably tidy, neat and a bit of a perfectionist…which is why The Perfect 10 mattress calls out to you.


Everything around you needs to be beautiful and up to date. Your wardrobe, your home, your work desk. This is why your friends flock to you for style advice all the time. You don’t only keep up with the trends, you have a gift for accurately forecasting what’s about to be in style…which means you were probably one of the first to jump on the majorly trending Sorinella upholstered bed.


You’re a very fun person to be around. You love to laugh and better yet, you love to make others laugh. People tend to describe you as friendly, charming or charismatic. There’s definitely a youthful energy to your kind-hearted persona, which is why you enjoy surrounding yourself with girly prints, patterns and textures.

Upholstered queen gray headboard for contemporary bedroom set


Forget neutrals—you’re all about pops of color. You need something vibrant to express your lively personality and adventurous perspective on life. You don’t care about making mistakes along the way because you know it’s how you learn and grow. While some people stay away from experimenting with loud colors or trying new things, you say, “Bring it on.”


Whether it’s a couple of stylish bedside lamps or strung up twinkle lights, you really appreciate a soft glow. There’s just something so dreamy about warm lighting. You’re probably a hopeless romantic and big on daydreaming. Sometimes you can be a little sensitive and it’s because your emotions run deep. Your friends probably describe you as sweet and very, very loyal.


Whatever you do, you do it big. Small DIY projects can often turn into intricate ordeals and casual get-togethers can turn into parties of Great Gatsby proportions. You’re known to be a little extravagant. The spotlight just seems to follow you and you relish your moments in it. But, you would never try to steal someone else’s thunder. You love to uplift others and can be incredibly motivational.


Okay, so maybe you don’t have the most pulled together look. You’re so busy experiencing life and living on a whim that there’s no time to curate a perfectly pieced collection. There are other priorities that reign high in your life and that’s an awesome thing. On the flip side—if you’re young and just have no idea where to start on this new venture, try giving these adulting decorating tips a read.