We love Pinterest just as much as the next interior design fanatic. Spending several hours a week scrolling through our curated feeds and boards, hand-selecting our favorite trends. Searching for images and projects that inspire our imaginations. Let’s bring those digital Pinterest boards to life! 

We reached out to our friends at Pinterest to better understand the current trends in the home decor and furniture space. What are our readers searching for? 

Create a Sustainable Place

We are so glad that sustainability and eco-friendly spaces are topping the platform’s search trends list! Take the time to build a home that is kinder to the planet, it’s easier than you might think. Assess each room in your home and determine which products can be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. Over time, small changes in your routine and space can lead to a greater impact. Especially when you share this green-thumb advice with your friends. 

Let’s start with adjustments you can make in the kitchen. Reusable glass containers or beeswax wraps are a sustainable way to pack lunches or leftovers instead of plastic wrap. Reduce your energy usage in this space by investing in efficient appliances. And flex your cooking or baking skills by making things yourself to limit the amount of plastic your family accumulates via food packaging.  For more sustainable kitchen hacks, click here

Eco-friendly spaces should always be on trend and in fashion, so we encourage you to keep searching for these ideas! For more ideas on how to create a sustainable home, check out this Pin

Need Some Cozy Vibes?

We love finding new ways to make our home feel cozy. This could be lighting scented candles that remind you of your favorite cookie recipe. Or baking said cookies, we have no preference here. 

A sure-fire way to keep things comfy all year is to have ample blankets and pillows on your night in routine. They keep you warm during a blizzard in winter, safe during a bad summer thunderstorm, and accompany you during every movie night. Especially the scary ones.

Pack away the plush textiles using a coffee table with storage or an ottoman featuring a secret cubby. That way they’re always on hand when you need a relaxing night in. 

Trends in Outdoor Spaces

Unexpectedly, 2020 has transformed many of us into amateur horticulturists and botanists, and we don’t mind! These trends help you travel to another country without even leaving your backyard by transforming your outdoor area with globally-inspired landscape design. 

Oo La La Landscape!

We aren’t in the Midwest anymore. French-inspired gardens bring the romantic ambiance of the European countryside to your space. Opulent blooms of roses and peonies transform your backyard into something out of a Renaissance novel. Recreate the look of a Parisian bistro with delicate, warm lighting like candles and overhead string lights. And of course, don’t forget the whimsical seating options so you can take in the scenery for hours on end.  

Meditate Outside

Bring a sense of Zen to your outdoor space to escape the noise of everyday life. To achieve this style, look to luscious greens and earth-toned elements like a rock path. Potted plants like peace lilies or vine varieties like bougainvillea will create a forest in your backyard. Choose a grass variety that is soft to the touch, and perfect for a moment or two of outdoor meditation in the morning. 

Not a Zen expert? Download an app with tons of resources on guided meditation. Focus on your breathing and the sounds of your surroundings. Click here for more DIY garden projects that will turn your backyard into a work of natural art. 

Elevate Your Entertainment Set Up

Show off more than your dusty DVD collection in your home entertainment center. Depending on your lifestyle, this is a great way to complete your living space. (This is also where those cozy accents come in handy.)

Create the illusion of a theater experience with a crisp sound system that heightens the score and soundtrack of the film. Or combine the look of a robust library by lining your entertainment center with your favorite reads and classic page-turners.

And don’t forget to find the right style that helps you hide away bulky wires and electronics cords!

Bring the Fun Outside

These next trends will help you take full advantage of your outdoor space. This under-utilized area of your home should transcend the weather forecast and bring joy to your every day life!

An Outdoor Cooking Area

Fire up that rusty grill and get to cooking, it’s time to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor space you have created. This space should be used throughout the whole year, not just during summertime. Fire up the coals when you want to chargrill your favorite fall vegetables, or for cooking on a warm spring day. To see more Pins about outdoor cooking, click here. You might even be inspired to build an outdoor brick pizza oven!

And no cooking setup is complete without a complementing outdoor dining area. This space will liven up your backyard with the aroma of delicious meals and the sounds of exuberant laughter around the table. For ways to maximize this kind of space, read our blog post about outdoor spaces. 

Let’s Hang

Lounge in your outdoor space with the help of a hammock! Although you originally envisioned this accent in between two palm trees on a white-sand beach, we think a tropical paradise is still within reach. Hammocks come in a variety of durable materials that can brave the outdoor elements, or be meticulously folded when not in use. They are the perfect snooze spot for an outdoor nap under some shade. 

A hammock is even achievable on an apartment balcony, for whenever you want to hang from the heights! Just be sure to use sturdy screws and drywall anchors if needed. 

A Play Area for Everyone

Your backyard can also be a space for your children to have fun while they explore in the sunshine and express their creativity. Add a DIY chalkboard to your back fence, and watch it become a vivid masterpiece! You can think sustainably by using recycled tires to build features from their favorite jungle gyms! Check out other projects to create an outdoor play area here

And be sure to include games like corn hole or horse shoes for the adults. Your backyard is also your playground! 

Share your Pinterest searches in the comments below. We would love to continue this breakdown of current trends and help you discover what you need in your home. If you want to share your Pinterest-inspired space with us, tag us on Instagram! Use #MyAshleyHome to possibly see your photo on our Instagram feed. And if you want to go back to where all the inspiration magic happens, just check out our Pinterest boards!