3 Tips for Creating a Comfy, Cozy Home

The temperatures may be cool, but the latest fall styles are sizzling hot. We’ve got three easy tips for infusing this season’s hottest trends into your home decor. 

Go bold.

Bright colors are all the rage… from emerald green and tangerine to canary yellow and deep berry. Unless you’re already in need of a new sofa and this season’s colors just happen to be your favorites, there’s no need to overhaul your home to keep up with the latest trends. Instead, introduce fall’s bold colors in small doses, such as with an accent chair, ottoman, blanket, rug or pillows. 

Add texture.

From velvety pillows to ruched throws, texture is all the rage this season. We especially love mixing textures to create a kinetic playground that’s as easy on the eyes as it is exciting to touch. Try pairing a smooth and supple leather sofa with tweed pillows. In the bedroom, combine a fluffy down comforter with a tightly woven area rug. It’s all about creating contrast, both for the eye and the hand (or foot). 

Introduce glamour.

A glamorous aesthetic isn’t about floor-to-ceiling rhinestones, mirrors and metallics. In fact, when going for a ritzy look this fall, subtlety is your friend: think button-tufted headboards, breakfront dressers and metallic picture frames. You can also easily achieve an upscale look with modern furnishings—thanks to clean lines, they’re inherently chic.