If you’ve ever needed an excuse to throw a party in the beginning of February (no, Groundhog Day doesn’t count), it’s when football season comes to an end, culminating in the big game. Here are a few tips to make sure your entertaining gameplan is flawlessly executed and, no matter who wins on the field, you emerge victorious.

Nice Seats

Reclining Sofa

Nothing beats taking in a game from the 50 yard line at the stadium—but kicking back on a plush sofa in the friendly confines of a living room is a close second. Add built-in cupholders to the equation and your guests will be wishing for triple overtime.

Standing Room Only

Pouf Group

Odds are, not everyone will find a seat. And either they won’t mind, or they won’t stand for it. That’s where poufs come into play. Toss a few in the middle of the action and no one will have to watch the game from the sidelines.

Gametime = Snacktime

Chili Image

You want your party to be special—and that starts with the food. So we recommend planning your menu a few days in advance versus calling an audible a few hours before the coin toss. Quick picks like pigs-in-blankets and chips-n-guac are proven crowd pleasers. And if you want to go bigger, dish out some tasty homemade chili. Click here. Best of luck with your big game party. If you’ve got Ashley decor, be sure to post a pic on Instagram and tag us!