As we usher in a new decade, it’s time to revisit renowned players of interior design. The Roaring Twenties were influenced by extravagant changes in art, music and pop culture. The retro-modern aesthetic of the decade was displayed in homes through bold colors, Art Deco influence and clean-line furniture design. 

Bring the ‘Age of Wonderful Nonsense’ into your 2020 space. Create a look in your home that is out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, bookmarked by grandiose décor and modern interior design features. Read our take on the vintage classic to see how you can bring the style into your space.

Take Art (Deco) Out of the Frame

To reflect the modern technology of the time, Art Deco style was characterized by smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and vibrant use of color. The period was inspired by European art and lifestyle, and gained popularity during the Roaring Twenties. 

Pieces designed during this era were not only functional as furniture, but they were crafted to act as works of art in the home. 

Art Deco can fit in any home, even if your style does not reflect the era. Pieces inspired by the style can add structure and diversity to the space, and draw the eye. Even in the form of an accent chair or wall art, Art Deco style can fit in your space. 

Play with Bold Color

Take your eye for a monochromatic interior landscape and make it bright. Vibrant tones can be neutral in your eye-catching space. Pick a tone that encompasses the feel and function of the room.

Darker shades like Pantone’s Classic Blue or Bayberry create a more romantic atmosphere with how the stark colors play with light. For a more airy feeling, use a softer shade of pink that allows for more light. 

Hues that Help Your Space Shine

Metallic inlay is a staple for Art Decor interiors of the Roaring Twenties. This feature of interior design during the period was inspired by royal spaces in Europe, like Versailles in France. The antiqued style was transformed for a more modern audience and is used to elevate the space.

Metallics can act as a more neutral tone in a room that is brimming with bright color. For an eclectic look, you can layer multiple shades of a variety like gold or silver. If you would prefer a more minimal look, stick to one shade across your space. 

Glam Like Gatsby

Jenn Ibe of Cranberry Tantrums redecorated her master bedroom space to embody a glamorous style and sense of design. Ibe’s space uses all the key features of interior design trends during the Roaring Twenties while maintaining her unique taste.

Her use of uniform metallics across the space mirror her elegant style and classy demeanor. Take trends and reinvent them to fit your style and space for a unique look. 

When welcoming a new decade, transform your home to reflect your style and character of your space. Let your new year’s resolution be to leave behind your reservations about creating a sophisticated space that pays homage to decades past. 

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