The leaves are changing, and which means it’s time for our home decor to reflect the season. You feel the brisk air as you sip coffee on your porch and check your emails for the day, and the excitement of the holiday season within arm’s reach. Welcome the season into your home with adorable home decor accents that give your space an autumnal refresh. In this guide to achieving the perfect seasonal space, we wanted to show you how to achieve a fall-friendly look in your bedroom.

This time of year is all about getting cozy and feeling peaceful in your home. So bundle up and crank up the heat in your home, and let’s welcome fall with these easy steps for bedroom decor. And for those of you still feeling the heat of summer, click here to read our guide to decorating for the season in the South. 

Saving Energy and Staying Cozy

Don’t worry about arguing over the thermostat! There are so many ways to save energy to keep everyone comfortable.

Before you buy any decor, having a cozy home is key to embracing fall. Start with an easy fix by adjusting your ceiling fan. Since heat rises, reverse the direction to clockwise so the fan can push warm air back down. This will prevent pockets of cold air from settling in corners of the room.

Let the light in and open your blinds! In rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, keeping things open will brighten up the room and warm things up while you are out. For homes with south-facing windows, 

However, if a particular space does not receive a lot of natural light, keep the blinds closed to trap heat inside.

Got any tips for keeping your home cozy this season without breaking your budget? Let us know in the comments below! 

Add a Touch of Fall Nature

If you have an affinity for artificial greenery, transition your faux plant assortment to reflect the change of seasons. Start with a few fall foliage accents, and then completely replace the greenery with items that feature rich warm colors. Just like the changing leaves outside!

A few of our favorite warm greenery includes dried pampas grass, eucalyptus and sunflowers. Complete the seasonal set up with a beautiful vase. 

A Monochromatic Mood

Cavern clay and brick red have been huge trends in the interior design space in 2020, and fall is a great time to add those colors to your home. They bring a gentle warmth to any room and are easy to pair with most color palettes. These are deep tones that still allow you to integrate color in your home without going too bright. And if you are a fan of bohemian interiors, these shades are essential to any boho space!

Let your bedding be the foundation of your bedroom’s color palette. A rich, brick-colored set will envelop you in an autumnal color palette. It’ll feel like a cozy take on the pile of brightly-color leaves, which is an autumnal staple. Decorate with pillows and a matching blanket for a polished aesthetic. 

Layering Isn’t Just for Your OOTD

For more inspiration for your fall-themed bedroom, look no further than your closet! Your favorite fall outfit can help guide you through the decorating process. What are your favorite colors to wear during fall? What are your favorite textures? Take note of your favorite layered looks and use them as inspiration while you decorate. So, let’s create some visual interest with home decor.

Feeling Fall on the Floor

We are starting from the bottom with this makeover, literally. Layering area rugs is a great way to achieve visual interest in your space with a cozy look. And you get the bonus of starting your day with a plush rug under your feet. Start with a jute rug as the base for this design. The organic texture will draw the eye and the natural brown color is perfect for any space.

Layer with a faux fur-style rug for a cozy vibe. The plushness is juxtaposed by the rough texturing of jute. Or you can fully embrace a fall color palette by layering the neutral jute with a rug that includes warm tones that are synonymous with the season. We suggest a style full of vibrant reds with orange highlights.

Wrap Yourself in Style

Blankets are one of the easiest ways to transition the decor of your home during the colder months. They keep you cozy and come in a variety of knits, textures, colors and styles. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose just one! Be liberal with your choice of throw blankets to find the perfect mix-and-match vibe.

You can also store your extra blankets in a woven basket for an organic look for fall. Roll the blankets up to arrange them in a basket like an autumnal arrangement of flowers. They will look like an adorable textile bouquet at your bedside. And just pull them out as the nights start to get chilly.  

Picture-Perfect Pillows

Use pillows as a final touch to your fall-inspired bedroom. Alternate pillows to mix up your bedding. Pillows literally come in all shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are endless. Create a gradient effect for fall with warm browns, reds and oranges. Once you have the colors selected, browse the types of textures you can arrange. We like the look of a faux leather pillow with a woven textured style. It’s a mixture of a polished, industrial style and something homier. 

Let’s bring the feeling of fall into our space and truly enjoy the season from the comfort of our homes. Transform your bedroom into something out of your vision board with home decor accents that stand out. These details will complement any interior design style, so start experimenting. We’d love to see what you come up with. 

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