As we move through September, it’s time to prepare for the changing of the seasons. And although we love watching romantic comedies set in the Northeast during fall — with golden leaves cascading off the trees — not everyone experiences the same autumnal transition. However, those who dwell in Southern states can still bring the spirit of fall into their homes through decor. 

So while some of you might be taking notice to chillier evenings or the changing foliage in your backyard, many Southerners are still trying to beat the heat among sunshine-filled days. We want to help you celebrate the new season to the best of your ability and create a beautiful space along the way. Decorate your home with the colors and textures of fall. Don’t light the fireplace just yet; first read these tips on how to add autumnal details to your home. 

Making the Most of the Weather

One of the greatest things about experiencing fall in the South is the weather. Use the sunshine to your advantage and spend time outside. Refresh your outdoor area and build a space for year-round use. You can share stories around a bonfire with s’mores materials in tow. Just be sure you don’t burn the marshmallows!

And if you have a small outdoor area, like the balcony of an apartment, take time to create a cozy seating area. Measure out the space for a plush loveseat, or a two-person dining set. We love breakfast with a view. This renovated area will allow you to take in all the sights and sounds of your city. You can even enjoy some light reading and a warm breeze. For inspiration on creating the perfect patio or backyard space, click here

You Don’t Have to Like Pumpkin Spice

Let’s set the table for fall with a seasonal dining area! Create an autumnal experience with an adorable tablescape. Shop small additions that enhance the cozy ambiance. Long, tapered candlesticks will add a warm glow to your evening, and we suggest pairing them with bronze candle holders. You can also add fall-friendly colors through ornate vases, table runners and place mats. Floral arrangements that feature eucalyptus and sunflowers will complete a rustic look.

Now, let’s give your menu a refresh. Each season comes with its trademark meals and treats. Autumn is full of rich flavors and dishes that encapsulate the feeling of home. And every year one culinary fixture creeps closer into the summer months: the pumpkin spice latte. Have no fear; you don’t need to enjoy the seasoning to embrace fall in your space. But you can introduce cozy, autumnal feelings through your dining experience in other ways!

Autumnal staples include favorites like cranberries, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and apples. But it also includes delicious additions like pears, mangos, grapes and raspberries. Incorporate these seasonal ingredients into your meals and desserts to taste the flavors that fall has to offer. For a full guide of what’s in season, click here. And share your favorite seasonal recipes in the comments below!

All About Fall Decorating

When we transition from summer to fall, the change around us is undeniable in ways other than changing temperatures. Even in the South, stores encourage us to stock up on sweaters, brew warm apple cider and prepare our holiday lists. But how can we truly reflect the ambiance of fall in our home when the forecast reads summer temperatures? We embrace the excitement of change as we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall home decor.

Inspired by the Leaves

An easy way to navigate autumnal accents is to think of your favorite fall motif. For instance, you can take inspiration from your favorite vintage fisherman’s sweater and shop knitted details like poufs and throw blankets. Those feel-good textures create a cozy vibe that’s perfect for fall. Another popular motif is colorful leaves. Although the trees stay green in the South, you can use changing foliage as a piece of inspiration. Add warm hues to your space wherever you can. Start with a red throw blanket and burnt orange accent pillows.

Attitude of Gratitude

Another great motif to include in your home this season is gratitude! Decorate your home with thankfulness and appreciation for your loved ones. This can be a sign on a well-placed gallery wall, or an accent pillow in the middle of your sofa. This could be a way to get the family involved in an afternoon of painting and creating. And we’d love to see how it turns out, so share it with us.

As cliché as it is, we truly *fall* in love with home decor as the seasons change. It’s an excuse to give your house a small makeover without the heavy lifting. Autumn calls for hues like amber and garnet that bring a warmth to our spaces and keep us cozy through the end of the year. And if your hometown experiences a warm weather fall, leave your seasonal decorating tips in the comments below!

You can also share your photos with us using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. We might even feature your space on our feed. For anyone looking for more inspiration on creating a beautiful home, check out our Pinterest boards.