Ideas for Festive Christmas Door and Entryway Decor

As guests pull into your driveway and admire your landscaping and carefully arranged Christmas lights that hang from the eaves, they will already feel the warmth of a holiday welcome. But there is one more impression they get from your home before you open the door to greet them: your entryway. Christmas door decorations are the completion of your outdoor Christmas decor setup. With a tasteful combination of lighting, outdoor decorations, wreaths, and other seasonal accents, you can create a holiday entryway that will impress every visitor. You’ll also find everything you need to dress up your home for the holidays at Ashley.

Front Door Decorations for Christmas

A well-decorated front door is the iconic completion of a Christmas house. It embodies the festive mood that awaits indoors: the sound of soft holiday music playing in the background, the smell of fresh baked goods, and perhaps even the crackle of a steady fire in the hearth. Whether this is your first time decorating your doorway for Christmas or your 40th season of hosting and you need some new ideas, here are some popular front door Christmas decorations to dress up your front door:

  • Quick and straightforward. Less can be more when you place just the right piece at the focal point of your door. Hang one of your Christmas wreaths at the center of your doorway, close to the top. This draws the eye to the door, leading to your smiling face as you open it to your guests.
  • Take it to the next level. If you want to add more “oomph” to that initial impression, place one or two holiday porch signs next to your front door. These sturdy signs can be hung or leaned up against your entryway. There are many styles to choose from—you can opt for a traditional decorative sign with holly and reindeer or something with a more contemporary appearance.
  • Go over the top. If you live by the motto “go big or go home,” you likely want to style your entryway to the max. Hold nothing back and make all your grand holiday decoration dreams come true. Replace your standard welcome mat with a holiday-themed one and place holiday porch signs on each side of your door. Add a wreath to the center of your front door with garlands strung around the top and sides. For even more fun, place a small- to medium-sized Christmas tree on your front porch.

When your doorway decorations express your personality, your guests will feel a sincere welcome. There’s an excellent variety of holiday decorations to choose from that range from general winter themes to Santa’s workshop. This allows you to experiment with different themes yearly (or even room to room). Imagine doing an all-white Christmas garland and wreath setup in one entryway and traditional red and green in another space. We even have hot pink and purple trees to let your imagination run wild!

Best Christmas Entryway Decorations

Every home’s entryway looks different. The setup that works for your property might look too sparse or ornate for another home. So what are the best Christmas entryway decorations for your space? Here are some examples based on what type of home you have:

  • Apartment doors. If you live in an apartment complex, you probably have rules that govern what you can hang on your door. Check with the regulations first to ensure that hanging wreaths or putting up a porch sign is not violating any fire safety codes. If you can decorate, then wreaths are your best possible choice. They’re showy, don’t take up too much space, and make a big impact for a small investment. You can also put down a holiday-themed doormat to further brighten your entryway.
  • Townhouse doors. Like apartments, most townhouses are also space-conscious, but you generally have more room to sprawl. This can be a good place for porch signs, doormats, wreaths, garlands, and LED lighting. Just check to make sure inflatable displays don’t cross onto your neighbor’s property.
  • Single-family home doorways. If you live in a single-family home, you may have a simple doorway or a grand front porch. Overall, you can use more decorations when you have more space. Having guaranteed cover like a front porch also gives you the confidence to use more delicate Christmas decorations outdoors, such as figurines or inflatable Santas. You may also have outdoor furniture that you can decorate with holiday-themed pillows, outdoor area rugs, and throw blankets!
  • For the grandest of entryways. Some entryways have adjacent windows. Use this to your advantage! Christmas window decorations like LED candles and garlands can add a lot of fun and flair to your holiday house design. Use this along with your other strategies to achieve holiday perfection.

How To Make a Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are one of the best holiday decorations you can get. Not only are they stylish, timeless, and sturdy, but they are affordable. Whether you buy one from Ashley or make one yourself, a well-made wreath can last for years. You can also cut the work in half by customizing a wreath from Ashley with some of these DIY methods.

To create your own Christmas wreath, you’ll need:

  • A plain, craft store wreath, especially one made of imitation fir or weeping willow
  • Holiday ornaments that generally go on trees, such as ball ornaments
  • Extra greenery and faux accents from the craft store, like:
    • Red berries
    • White snow accents
    • Silver tinsel accents
    • Ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • A hot glue gun

Take your plain wreath and place it on an even surface. Then, let your creativity take over. Cut up pieces of greenery, ornaments, and accents and stick them throughout the wreath, adding other accents from there. To ensure they stay in place, use hot glue to secure them. When you are finished, wrap a pretty ribbon around one part of the wreath!

Christmas Doorway Decorations

The Christmas holiday is an exciting and joyful time for you and your loved ones. We can’t wait to see what you choose to do to commemorate this special occasion. Share all your favorite holiday doorway designs by tagging us on social with the hashtag #MyAshleyHome. We can’t wait to see how you made the most of this season!