Whether you’re an eclectic stylist or a determined minimalist, there is always one piece of furniture in the house that should remain clutter-free: the dining table. With the exception of a centerpiece, it should remain neat and tidy. But if you’re anything like us—the type that can’t possibly pass up those cute wine glasses or creative cutlery—then you may find yourself approaching a little storage crisis. Thankfully, you can keep on snagging those great deals without concern of clutter. Just try out one of these dining room storage ideas.

Dining Room Servers

Dining rooms are usually devoid of precious closet space, so the sideboard is the stylish solution. Also known as a dining room server, they typically have cupboards, shelves and sometimes wine racks. This handsome rustic-industrial piece has it all.

They can be brimming with farmhouse flair…

…wonderfully glamorous…

…or completely traditional.

Highly functional dining room servers are made in all shapes, sizes and styles. Finding one that suits your lifestyle should be a cinch.

Open Display Cubbies

If you’re not a fan of concealing all of your dinnerware treasures, show them off to the world in a neat, designated space. Find an open piece that nestles all of your fabulous finds in a rustic-industrial frame you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. For a less open approach, find one that has cabinets to store clutter but also can display your favorite finds. With open cubby spaces, you can arrange your dinnerware and decor accents in an artful, Instagram-worthy way.

Kitchen & Bar Carts

Bar carts are the perfect option for small spaces—and such a cute piece for parties. It’s a great spot to keep an extra set of dinnerware and a bottle of wine or two.

A kitchen cart is slightly larger, but accomplishes the task just the same. Lockable casters make it easy to roll and stop whenever you please.

China Cabinets

Typically thought of as a staple in large, traditional dining rooms, the china cabinet has really made some changes over the years. They’re lighter, smaller and more open than their predecessors, making them an easier fit for smaller spaces. This contemporary piece stays in line with the rustic-chic trend and offers a ton of storage space.

Or, if you prefer a more traditional and stately look, this buffet and china cabinet set might be the perfect match for you.

Dining Room Benches

It’s table seating and storage space. The great thing about dining benches is that there’s no designated seat count, so you can fit more people at the table for large parties. If you replace a couple of chairs with a dining room storage bench, you won’t be taking up any extra space—instead, you’ll be making space.

If storage space was ever an issue, it won’t be with one of these fixes. Which style is your personal favorite? We’d love to hear!