We are back to help you transform your home and create spaces that feature the perfect look and cozy feel for you. Today we are tackling the focal point of any bedroom: The bed. It acts as the centerpiece of the room and immediately draws the eye. Selecting a bed frame will help you navigate your style and execute it throughout the room.

Now, how do you pick out the perfect frame for you? Each bedroom has its own requirements, from guest bedroom, to kid’s room to your master suite. We’ve created a bed buying guide to help you through the selection process. From determining bed size to picking the right material that compliments your interior design style, we want to help you through the experience.

Where Do We Start?

Something essential when completing a bedroom makeover is the atmosphere. You want this space to keep you relaxed and help get you ready for a good night’s sleep. The color of the walls, the lightning and the layout all can impact your outlook on this room. Ask yourself the following: 

  • How can I make this space work for me?
  • What colors will help me stay relaxed?
  • Does my bedroom get a lot of natural light?
  • How do I want to feel when I’m in my bedroom? Relaxed? Refreshed? Inspired?
  • How can I make my bedroom cohesive with the rest of my home?

Now, let’s look at your design style and what you want this space to look like. When talking about aesthetics, you can mix and match design styles to create something unique or stick to a classic variety. If you are unsure of how to make a space look great or are starting from scratch, run through these questions: 

  • Do I like lighter, airy colors? Or do I prefer dark, moody tones?
  • Am I inspired by country or city life?
  • What other design features can I find in my home?
  • Do I prefer minimal decor, or an abundance of trinkets and add-ons?

Creating a mood board on Pinterest is also a great launching point when starting a room makeover. You can find inspiration in other people’s home projects and take what you like for your own home.

Make the Most of Your Space

Depending on the bedroom you are choosing to transform, the size of the bed matters when creating proper flow in the space. You want a bed that is comfortable and cozy, but not one that takes up too much square footage.

When it comes to selecting a size, make sure that you have plenty of room to walk around the space if the headboard is up against the wall. Keep the entire bedroom functional! If you need help picturing a bed of a new size for the space, tape out the dimensions and pretend like the bed frame is already there.


Twin beds are great for young children who are transitioning to their first bed. It leaves ample room for play time in their space. It’s also a great option for multi-functional spaces like guest bedrooms that double as a home office. You aren’t committing the entire room for the occasional guest, and you are able to create a work environment at home.


When it’s time to transition your kids into a larger bed, try a full-sized frame! This is great as they move into their teen years and gives them ample space to assume a starfish sleeping position. Since they take up fewer square feet than a King or Queen, we also recommend this size for a small studio or starter apartment.


If you are shopping as a duo who don’t need a lot of room to sleep, a Queen is a great option. If you have a dedicated guest room, this size is great for couples who come and visit your home.


At 76 x 80 inches, a King-sized frame has ample room for a couple who like having plenty of space. If your little ones and pet children enjoy taking naps in bed with you, this might be the best option. No need to cram everyone in!

Laying Out Your Options

Depending on the dimensions of your space and the size of your desired bedroom, envision different layouts.

Option 1 puts the bed at the center of the space. This is good if you share your bed with a partner, allowing for each person to have a nightstand.

The second option is great for anyone trying to conserve space in their bedroom area. If you are living in a small apartment or studio, this will open up floor area and create a secluded feel.

Find the Right Feel

Selecting a material for your bed frame can enhance the style you aspire to have in the space. Certain materials are featured across many interior design aesthetics, but when paired with the perfect accents, can tie the room together. Here are some of our favorite bed frame materials.


A bed frame style that features a natural wood-grain is a great way to achieve an organic sense of style. If you are inspired by bohemian, mid-century modern or contemporary styles, this is the category for you. Some varieties are even painted to give a more vintage, antiqued look. 


For lovers of luxe materials and glam style, look in our assortment of upholstered bed frames. This variety offers extra comfort to your space while remaining elegant and regal. Fans of modern farmhouse can also experiment with this style through using natural accents like linen, wood and wicker in the room. Upholstered bed frames also give the illusion of a larger space.  


Metal bed frames are perfect for people who favor a variety of design styles. From spaces inspired by edgy, industrial designs to homes that follow a minimalist guide, a metal bed frame is a great compliment.

Stay Within Budget

When deciding on budget allocation during a bedroom renovation, break it down by item. This could be dependent on what you need in your space, like storage or a bigger bed. Or you can place more of your budget for things that you will use more. Find a bed frame that fits your budget limits, but don’t be afraid to invest in one that will stand the test of time. When shopping online, set up your budget limits to only browse styles that are within your price range. 

Picking out the perfect bed frame will help establish the style of your home. Your bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation at the end of the day, so take your time selecting the option that is right for you. Share your beautiful space with us by using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. If you have any more questions about creating a long-lasting space, let us know in the comments. You can also discover more inspiration for your space by scrolling through our Pinterest.