Tips on Creating a Peaceful Home

Your home should be the ultimate place of comfort, your getaway after a long day at work, and your safe place during life’s highs and lows. As the Swiss architect Le Corbusier once said, “The home should be the treasure chest of living.”

Creating a peaceful home is a wonderful investment of your time. It’s an investment that will give back to you day after day.

Find yourself asking, “How can I make my house peaceful and tranquil?” If so, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll cover tips and tricks for turning your home into a true oasis. We’ll discuss creating a peaceful home, decorating for relaxation, creating a tranquil space, and some bonus peaceful home decor ideas. This will allow you to turn your home —large or small — into a place of true comfort.

How to Create a Peaceful Home

Creating a peaceful home is all about making your home a place you can kick back and relax. The goal is to do away with your daily stress the moment your feet hit the entryway of your front door. To learn how to create a peaceful home, start with these easy DIY tips:

  • Remove the clutter: It’s easy to slowly accumulate clutter throughout your home. While clutter is a natural part of life, it can make your home feel cramped and can cause you to feel stressed out. Take time to go through your home, getting rid of things you no longer use and finding a permanent storage place for loose items.
  • Don’t be afraid of change: Sometimes, the key to a peaceful home is moving things around or changing what’s in your home. As you walk through each room, ask yourself what you love about the room and what causes you to feel less than cozy. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box! For example, you might have a large dining room table that eats up a ton of space, but you don’t need to seat many people around the dinner table. Replacing that table with a small round table might open up the space and create a more peaceful ambiance.
  • Purchase cozy pieces: In some cases, your home might not feel peaceful because the furniture you have is lacking in comfort. Hygge is a Danish word loosely translated to “cozy.” This word embodies a lifestyle that has become the inspiration for many people’s peaceful homes. Grab your phone and start looking up hygge ideas for your own place. Purchasing cozy furniture, adding warm throw blankets, and turning the focus of your rooms back on your personal comfort can immediately boost the peaceful vibe of your home.

How to Decorate for Relaxation

After a hectic day, you want to come home and relax. One way you can boost the comforting vibes of your home is to decorate for relaxation. “How can I decorate for relaxation?” you might ask. The following are just a few ideas for implementing calming decor:

  • Add decorative vases to end tables and stock them with your favorite flowers. This is a great way to treat yourself each week, adding to the warmth of your home.
  • Hang picture frames filled with photos of the ones you love. As you relax, seeing photos of happy memories can bring a smile to your face.
  • Purchase decorative candle holders. For each season, swap in new candles with delicious scents that soothe you. This won’t just make your home smell lovely, but it will also provide the perfect relaxing lighting in the evening.
  • Add storage baskets throughout bedrooms and living spaces to help declutter the space. These will not only be functional but will also elevate the beauty of each room.

Tips for Creating a Tranquil Space

Tranquility is the essence of calm. If you live in a busy home with people coming and going, you can still create a tranquil space that’s all your own. Use the following tips to turn a small corner of your home into your own personal oasis:

  • Pick a comfortable seat. Whether it’s an oversized recliner or a small loveseat, pick out a cozy piece of furniture that will act as the focal point of your tranquil space. This should be a place you look forward to curling up with a good book and your favorite beverage.
  • Add faux plants to liven up the space. Taking care of living plants can add another to-do to your daily list. Instead, opt for beautiful faux plants to bring a touch of calming green to your tranquil space.
  • Use curtains and drapes to make the area more comfortable. Blocking out the summer heat or keeping out the winter cold with heavy curtains and drapes can make your space extra cozy.
  • Add your favorite style of art. Whether you’re a fan hanging inspirational quotes around your tranquil space or have a particular artist that brings you joy, make sure to decorate the area with pieces that speak to your heart.

Bonus Peaceful Home Decor Ideas

Peaceful home decor is all about expressing what you love most. There is no right or wrong way to design a home that feels comforting to you. As you consider what peaceful living room decor or cozy bathroom pieces to add, decorate your home with the following bonus ideas:

  • Choose a color palette. What colors make you the happiest? Are you someone who finds the earth tones of nature soothing, or does a bright pop of yellow and purple bring a smile to your face? As you decorate your home to become more peaceful, think through what colors help elevate your mood. You can paint walls, choose new decor, and even swap out old furniture to match this theme.
  • Go big for your favorite holidays. One of the top benefits of changing seasons is the chance to rethink your home decor. If you have a holiday that’s particularly meaningful to you, take the time to add decorations celebrating the season. From beautiful twinkling Christmas lights to lovely silvers and blues celebrating Hannakuah, if a holiday has meaning to you, implement it into your home’s style.
  • Don’t forget the rest of the family! A peaceful home is one where everyone has a space they can enjoy. Whether you live alone with your cat or have a busy household full of others, make sure you think about what will make everyone feel cozy. For pets, add a comfortable pet bed alongside your tranquil space to allow them to relax. For kids, ask for their input on redecorating their bedroom to turn it into a peaceful oasis. Get the whole family involved in turning your home into a delightful place.

As you redecorate your home to become more comfortable, find inspiration through Ashley. We carry decorations, furniture, and more — all aimed at ensuring that your home is a place you enjoy returning to day after day.