The new year is the perfect time to improve home organization, refresh your home decor, and get rid of unnecessary items. It presents the best opportunity to get organized and reset your home, and a decluttering checklist can help you get it done quickly and thoroughly. A checklist is a handy organizational tool because you gain the satisfaction of checking off each task as you complete it. Using a checklist also lets you declutter at your own pace. New year, new you. But you can’t be the best version of yourself when your home is cluttered and chaotic. So start your year off right with a decluttering checklist.

There are a few different strategies for creating your decluttering checklist. You can list your tasks on paper, digitally, or on an erasable chalkboard or dry-erase board. Also, make sure to write down the tools and items you’ll need to conquer the clutter and reset your home’s organization.

Tips for Resetting Your Home for the New Year

Disposing of the items most likely to clutter up your space is an important detail to add to your checklist when organizing. Start by downsizing useless household items. For example, you can donate or sell clothes that don’t fit along with any unused items. Things you used once and are done with — like books and magazines — can be passed along to friends, donated, or sold if you don’t have space for them on your newly organized shelves. Say goodbye to unwanted items by sending them to a recycling facility or simply putting them out with the trash. This way, they’ll never clutter up your living space again.

Decluttering Tips Begin With a Checklist

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the unwanted obstacles in your way, you’ll want to create your official ‘Declutter Your Home Checklist.’ Make a list for each room in your house to get started. Enter each room and look around to see what type of clutter stands out the most, such as old magazines. Put that at the top of your list. Why? Decluttering can be a tough job sometimes. So, looking around your space with fresh eyes and conquering the things that bug you the most will make the most noticeable impact. Getting the biggest clutter quickly out of the way will feel like a reward all by itself. It makes you feel accomplished and can give you that feeling of satisfaction that inspires you to keep going.

Tips for Sorting When Decluttering Your Home

Sorting is an important step in home reorganization, and it’s an important task to add to your checklist. When you begin sorting, surround yourself with receptacles to organize things, such as a trash can, a laundry hamper, or a basket for important paperwork. Use clear containers for small items that need to go to other rooms. This saves time because you only have to touch things like trash and laundry once to get them out of the way. Buying extra organizational accessories and furniture pieces to store things is another step to consider for your checklist. A new bathroom cabinet or laundry room shelves ensures everything has a dedicated place.

Easy Closet Organization Tips for the Bedroom

Closet organization tips help you to refresh home organization for your bedroom. A systemized closet makes it easier to keep your entire boudoir free of clutter. For instance, use the back of the door to hang a shoe organizer. This will keep footwear organized so you can easily grab what you need to get ready for work or play. Other home organization hacks involve adding multiple layers of closet shelving, or simply hanging shelves from your closet rod. Additionally, hooks and baskets provide solutions for hard-to-organize items. Do you have a walk-in closet that gives you some extra floor space? Add a storage ottoman. An ottoman gives you a place to sit when putting on your shoes while also maximizing your storage space.

Unique Closet Storage Ideas

In addition to bedroom closets, there are other rooms where unique closet storage ideas can be useful. These include entryway closets, linen closets, and pantries. When adding these spaces to your “declutter your home checklist,” include a plan to put your most-used items where they’re easy to reach. A combination of shelves, hooks, rods, and over-the-door storage makes this easy to manage. Additionally, if you have young children who need to access these types of closets, put a few storage containers down low so they can easily get what they need.

How to Organize Your Home: Kitchen Area

The kitchen and dining area are traditionally the hubs of the family home. Everyone gathers around the table for meals and conversations. Children also sit at the table to do homework and play board games. Everything about the kitchen area is typically comforting and reassuring, even if your decor tends to be a bit more formal for entertaining purposes. Keeping this space organized belongs on your checklist because it’s such an important part of a home. Plus, organizing this part of the house is easy with pieces like a buffet or wall shelving units. Follow these helpful home organization hacks when organizing this important home hub:

  • Is your kitchen area lacking in cupboards? Add a freestanding cupboard or dining room server to hold your treasures.
  • Perhaps you have plenty of cupboards? You can still increase your organization by using clear organizers or baskets in your cupboards.
  • Additionally, consider labeling containers so you don’t have to pull everything out to find the things you need when cooking or serving meals.

You’ll see how this task plays a major role in resetting your home. A more organized kitchen cuts down on the time it takes to prepare meals. It also offers a more comfortable space for hanging out with the family.

Family Room Storage Furniture

Don’t forget to optimize your living room and family room! Living room storage furniture can help you create a place to put everything in these heavily trafficked spaces. This includes pieces like cube storage, bookcases, and wall shelving. Try a large basket to hold children’s toys or pet care items. Want to tuck a few things away so they’re out of sight? Storage ottomans and side tables add convenient spots to put things you want to hide from view.

At Ashley, we have all the items you need to keep clutter under control when resetting your home for the new year. When creating your decluttering checklist, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your list has to be exactly like someone else’s list. Each home is unique, and each family has their own style. So choose your favorite home organization ideas and adapt your decluttering checklist to suit your home and lifestyle.