How to Make a Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

It’s no big surprise that nurturing a love for books and reading in your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. Reading fosters the imagination, develops a more robust vocabulary, and is perhaps the best way to prepare kids for and usher them through a successful educational experience.

So what can you do to ensure that reading is a part of your child’s daily experiences? Well, of course, read to them as often as possible and, once old enough, have them read to you. Children love to have their parent’s involvement in their learning development.

But encouraging independent reading is just as important, and creating a book-centered environment–a kids’ reading nook–can be an excellent solution to cultivating a love for words and stories.

How to Create a Reading Area

  1. Choose an area of a room to set aside for kids and book-related things only. It can be the corner of a room, the space along a wall, under a window, or even in some instances, a doorless closet!
  2. Keep it to kids’ scale. Whether there are chairs and a table or other furniture, keep it on the small side. After all, a children’s reading nook is all about a condensed area for little ones.
  3. Find the right bookcases. They don’t have to be child-sized but do make sure the shelves are easily accessible by kids.
  4. Cozy it up! Think pillows, fluffy rugs, stuffed animals, decorative wall hangings, and maybe a canopy to create the ultra-cozy spot.
  5. Books, books, books! Fill the reading nook with books of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, and your child will always have something to read and discover.

Kids’ Tables and Chair Sets

Having a kids’ table and chair set is an ideal addition to a reading nook; it’s a perfect size for small ones yet makes them feel just like the grown-ups that sit at their desks doing their work! The availability of kids’ tables and chairs are plenty.

This 2-chair set would work well in any setting, as would this 4-chair set for more seating. If you’d like, you can also choose a character-themed decor with Minnie Mouse, Baby Shark, or PAW Patrol. Many of these table sets come with a hidden spot for storage in the middle of the table where kids can store their favorite books.

Best Bookcases for a Kid’s Room

A reading nook can’t do its job without storage for books! When you are creating a reading-centered space, be sure to think about bookcases and bookshelves for small spaces with all the storage they can provide. Another thing to consider is if your little ones can reach the shelves. You’ll want the bottom few shelves to be within easy reach for your child.

However, a kids’ bookshelf does not necessarily need to be short. Even if the upper shelves of a bookcase are out of reach for small hands, those tall shelves are ideal for displaying decorations, say a framed page from a favorite picture book, a picture of you and your little one snuggled up and reading, perhaps a stuffed animal, doll, or toy, and possibly even a lamp.

A child’s bookshelf comes in all shapes and sizes, too. This house-shaped bookcase will add a bit of creative decor to your reading nook, and this adorable 6-cube storage cubby offers enough room to stack books and even stash a few toys.

How to Make Your Nook Cozy

There are many things you can do to make your kids’ reading nook comfortable and snuggly. Consider, for starters, kids rugs. A rug can do a lot to section off and define the area, as well as provide a soft and plush spot to sit or lie down with a good book.

What’s more, is that kids rugs come in a variety of designs and sizes. This Tell Me a Story area rug aptly portrays the ultimate environment for a reading center. And this animal map rug is sure to inspire a natural curiosity about the world we live in–perfect for young exploring minds.

Cozy seating is another reading nook essential not to be overlooked. Just as adults love to find a comfortable and snug place to curl up with a good book, so do kids. A kids’ gaming chair can fulfill this need, as does a bean bag, or this kids’ reading chair. You can even make it a personalized kids’ chair and have it embroidered with your child’s name or initials. Floor pillows are another great option for a warm feel. The key is to make sure the seating is just the right size for your young reader.

Other possible decor ideas to create the snug and comfy atmosphere a reading nook requires could include curtains or a canopy hung above a chair or table set. Kids also love any kind of fort or tent for them to crawl into with their books. Banners or buntings on the walls offer a homey and cheerful option as well.

Books, Books, and More Books

The most important element of any good reading nook is the books. Having a wide and varied collection of titles is what gives purpose to the snuggly reading area. And luckily, these days there is no shortage of quality children’s literature-no matter what age your bookworm is.

For babies and toddlers, board books are the best. They’re sturdy and can withstand the rough and tumble of early book learners. Because babies explore books by putting them in their mouths and chewing on them, these fabric-soft, durable, non-toxic books are another perfect option. Their vibrant images and vivid patterns are perfect for the youngest pre-readers.

Books for early readers are plentiful as well. A set of Dr. Suess’s classics include The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Fox in Socks. Another beloved series for just-beginning-to-read learners is Mo Willems’ collection of Elephant and Piggie books–sure to tickle the funny bone of all giggle-loving readers.

As children grow and develop in their reading levels, chapter books become a mainstay for the best-stocked reading nook. Roald Dahl’s magical books are a perfect addition, as well as the Magic Tree House series or the much-loved The Boxcar Children.

Reading Nook Takeaways

Experts agree that one of the most important factors in raising young readers is book exposure and easy access to them. Creating a reading nook is an easy, creative, and inviting way to do this. Just remember the key elements to keeping a reading area cozy: child-sized furniture, appropriate book storage and bookcases, snuggly rugs, pillows, or chairs, and of course, plenty of kid-pleasing books.