When you choose beautiful leather furniture, it involves more than just seating. Leather is an investment in your home, and it’s one you’ll want to have for many years. Leather furniture is beautiful and durable, and it adds a luxurious, high-end look to your decor. It looks lustrous, warm, and inviting as a focal point in your room. So, you don’t want to panic every time your child drops something on the upholstery or flinch if someone puts a wet bag on the cushion of your heirloom-quality furniture, read on for Ashley’s easy tips to help make your beautiful leather last for years to come.

Cleaning Leather Sofas

Routine care helps your leather sofas, loveseats, and chairs last longer. And actually, time, use, and proper care can even add to the evolving beauty of your leather upholstery.

Let’s start with basic care tips. Use a soft cloth to dust off all the leather surfaces every few days. About once a week, vacuum the seams, under the cushions, and in the crevices to remove any accumulated dust or debris.

Before moving on to the following steps, be sure to test any cleaning products or leather conditioners in a hidden spot. That way, you’ll know if covering an exposed area with a product will cause discoloration or staining.

While leather is durable, it’s best to always use a gentle hand when cleaning it. Carefully clean dust and bits of fine debris out of the leather grain with a damp, lint-free cloth or sponge once a week. Unless there’s a spot, wiping is enough to remove signs of debris left behind through everyday use. Once or twice each year, apply a gentle leather cleaner that both deep cleans and conditions your leather.

You should also do a few things to prevent accidental damage to your furniture. This list includes avoiding:

  • Sitting down with sharp objects in your pockets that could poke holes in the leather
  • Placing down ink-covered papers or magazines that could get damp and allow ink to leech onto the leather
  • Using scratchy abrasives
  • Applying chemicals, oils, and detergents
  • Utilizing several common household cleaners

What is the Best Product to Use on Recliners?

If you want a single item to use on your leather recliners, stick with a chamois or lint-free cloth and a light layer of water. The damp cloth will remove a light layer of dirt from the surface of the leather. If the leather is deeply soiled or stained, choose a high-quality leather cleaner-conditioner. After testing the cleaner-conditioner on an inconspicuous area, apply it to the soiled areas and massage it into the surface of the leather. Your cloth will pick up the excess cleaner along with any dirt from the grain while you’re buffing the surface. A cleaner-conditioner also softens and protects the leather from cracking.

If you have any doubts about cleaning your own leather furniture, skip the worry and call a leather care professional for help. After all, your furniture is an investment in your home and your family’s comfort. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach to maintain your furniture, consult the manufacturer’s website or cleaning code information on the furniture label to find out which products the manufacturer recommends.

Conditioning Leather Furniture

In addition to basic cleaning, conditioning your leather furniture – such as leather ottomans – is one of the most important things to do to help it last. Leather conditioner helps the leather hides (that are used to make your upholstery) feel softer and look better. While leather conditioner is a very different product than the conditioner you use on your hair, it does add moisture and softness to the leather in the same way conditioner moisturizes and softens your hair. Applying conditioner to the surface of your leather seating also helps hide small cracks and scratches.

Location Matters with Leather Furniture

The location of your leather furniture will increase or decrease the amount of time it lasts. However, it’s best never to put leather furniture in direct sunlight because the UV rays can dry out the leather and cause it to fade. If you’re placing leather furniture in a brightly lit room, try to make sure it’s at least away from direct sunlight. If you put it in a very dry area exposed to sunlight, you may need to apply a conditioner more often to preserve the leather’s finish.

Leather Care Kit

A good leather care kit includes several key items to keep your leather clean and protect it from damage. However, basic leather care kits typically include just a leather cleaning product and a leather conditioner. You may also add items like spot and stain remover, leather recoloring balm, or a bonding agent for repairing minor tears in the hide – which is handy if someone sits on your sofa with something sharp in their pocket or something heavy and sharp is dropped on your sofa.

You have many options when choosing a leather care kit. You can choose a kit that comes with everything you want, or you can pick up one of our cube storage bins and fill it a la carte. Choosing a complete kit assures you are getting products that are designed to work together to showcase your beautiful leather furniture. Building your own leather care kit makes it easy to get specific products you like. Plus, if you store your chamois or lint-free cloth in the kit, it’s always ready when you want to clean and protect your leather couch, loveseat, or chairs.

Leather is among the most durable types of sofa materials, and it has a lot to offer. It adds beauty to your decor. It stays cool in summer and feels warm when temperatures drop. At Ashley, we have a huge selection of leather furniture to complement any decor theme. So, stop by your nearest Ashley store today to check out the selection of leather furniture for your home.