During a collaboration with small business owner Robin Long, we found the perfect partner for our Mane + Mason lifestyle. The mother of three is an expert in farmhouse style when it comes to homely accents and additions. Check out what we did to help remake her bedroom!!


Long, who operates under her business name Coastal Crafty Mama, creates personalized signs for clients to hang in their homes. From inspirational quotes to hometown homage, the pieces provide the perfect completing detail to our farmhouse range. 

The mother of three added her creative touch to her master bedroom. Hanging over the bed is an ode to her wedding day. She made a unique sign for the bedroom, over typewriter font reads “Our vows”. Another feature is the “Mr. & Mrs.” pillow at the center of the bed. Long transformed the room into a space that represents the love she shares with her husband.

Crafty Mama’s Cozy Corner

Long chose a neutral color palette for her space, which was well paired with the tones of Mane + Mason. The style of her bed frame is a cornerstone of farmhouse style. A neutral white that allows the natural features of the wood to peek through. 

Long added industrial features like lamps and metal containers to juxtapose the more delicate farmhouse style. The masculine accents act as anchors for the rest of the space. With our popular Mane + Mason line as the backdrop for the room, Long added features that make it her own. 

To continue the cozy element in her bedroom, Long included a corner chair for reading a book or getting ready in the morning. Draping a blanket over the front added textual dimension, and comfort. 

Working to help *craft* the perfect bedroom for Long was a dream. She was able to add her own personality to our Mane + Mason line by creating decor pieces. Need more inspiration? You can learn more about Long’s DIY projects on her Instagram or shop her specialty store here