Ever notice how we use color to describe our moods? Case in point – are you feeling blue? Or, how about the old saying that someone is green with envy? Colors and emotions can go hand in hand, so choosing the right wall colors and home furnishings can be a direct link to how we feel. We’ve explored the emotions linked to 11 popular colors. Read on to see how you can make a difference in how you feel in your home.

Introduce a Warm Mood

Need a welcoming feel? Colors like brown, orange, red and yellow are comforting and are ideal in rooms where you do not need to be formal.

  • Brown is an indicator of stability and originates in nature. If you want a color that you can depend on to make you feel at home, brown is the color for you. It gives rooms warmth with elegant appeal.


Furniture in brown, such as this handsome sleigh bed, bestows a sense of belonging.

  • Orange is all about being happy. Use this color strategically to help encourage conversation, enthusiasm and creativity.


Top sofas and beds with orange pillows and throws for a happy dash of color.

  • Red represents high energy and breathes power and excitement. Incorporate red into dining rooms, bedrooms and seating areas.


Look for eye-catching upholstery in red and use throw pillows on your sofa, loveseat and chair for pops of warmth.

  • Yellow is cheery and associated with light-heartedness and mental stimulation. It works best in kitchens.


Need to tap positive energy and optimism? Put yellow accents like these to use.

Create a Calm, Cool Mood

If you desire a casual feel with a hint of tranquility, include colors such as blue, green, purple and white. Since these colors have a cool feel, they are best used in rooms where there is a lot of daylight.

  • Blue naturally expresses calmness and friendliness. It’s associated with trust, loyalty, serenity and security. Relax with blue accents in every room.


Cool and inviting, this bright blue sofa begs you to unwind.

  • Green, one of the most pleasing colors, is associated with balance and harmony. If you love calmness and nature, use this color in the bedroom or office. You’ll be surprised with the fresh feel.


Add a splash of positive energy to any room with green accents.

  • Purple, the passionate color, is associated with romance, luxury and power. It can also lend itself to peace, calmness and stability because it contains blue.


Stick with a Simpler, Neutral Mood

For a cutting-edge feel, incorporate neutral-colored furnishings in colors such as white, black and gray. Since these colors are neither warm nor cool, they don’t fight for attention. This makes them easier to work into a room and they can even be used to create a calming effect. These colors work great when matched with wall mounted TVs, wood floors and metal accents.

Want to feel royal? Add purple accents in the bedroom.

  • White marries the feel of cleanliness with stately style. Because white is associated with purity, you can easily give a room a formal feel with white furniture.


Take in the harmonious feel of white in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

  • Black is simple and formal, representing power, elegance and mystery. Bring a modern feel to any room using black furniture.


Imagine this black wall unit in your home. What a modern marvel.

  • Gray evokes feelings of compromise and wisdom. It’s perceived as long-lasting and transcends time.


Desiring a modern jive? A sectional in charcoal hits the mark.


Think of a room as an open slate. It all boils down to your tastes and your vision for the living space. By correlating furniture and accents in specific colors to create the mood you want, you’ll feel right at home for years to come.

If you have used various colors in your interior in unique ways, please share your ideas and experience below.