Time flies when you’re a parent! It’s so exciting watching your little one transition from a newborn to a crawler, and then to a tot and little walker. Making the switch from a nursery to a toddler room might seem intimidating at first, but Ashley HomeStore is here with all the fun and functional pieces you need to create the perfect toddler space.

The Best Beds for Toddlers

Now that your kiddo is a bit older, their personality is in full bloom! You’re probably starting to see your toddler’s likes and dislikes, and they will love to infuse their new room with their unique personality. You can choose toddler room decor, roll out new carpet, and pick out fun toys for their new space. Just have a relaxing and exciting time finding and outfitting their very new toddler room. Of course, the most essential part of any bedroom is the bed. You’ll want something safe and cozy, such a traditional crib or a toddler bed. Two types of beds that can be used in their rooms are:

  • transitional cribs to save the trouble of having to find a new piece for your toddler’s new room, purchase a transitional crib for your baby. These cribs can be converted into a full toddler bed when your child is ready.
  • toddler beds often referred to as “The Big Kid Bed,” toddler beds are low to the ground so your little one can easily climb in and out. Toddler beds often have guardrails to keep kids from rolling off the bed during the night, offering you peace of mind. The Baby Relax Sleigh Toddler Bed is one example of a great toddler bed. It features a beautiful solid wood construction, making it as fashionable as it is functional.

Once you have your toddler’s bed picked out, have some fun picking out cute decor! Adding framed art to the walls or a bed canopy to your little one’s bed brings glam and color into their room. Pick out adorable decor like a unicorn lamp, rainbow wall clock, sports-themed shelving, and throw pillows. You can never go wrong creating a cozy and playful environment your toddler will love.

Types of Toddler Seating

Your toddler has a big personality and probably wants to have their very own seat in the house.  Letting your child have a say in the type of chair they want for their room helps them develop their growing personality and independence. And you will just love seeing their faces light up with happiness when sitting in their new special seat. Here’s a few fabulous options for toddler seating if you’re looking for a new seat for your child’s bedroom (BONUS: they will also look great in a playroom or grown-up living room!)

  • Plush Chairs – plush chairs create a cozy spot for your little one to read a book, watch some cartoons, and have a little screen time. The Delta Children Snuggle Foam Filled Chair creates a perfectly comfortable seating spot that’s better than a traditional bean bag chair. It offers support, comfort, and is so lightweight that you can take it anywhere your little one goes.
  • Upholstered – mom and dad get the ultimate seating, so why not let your toddler enjoy full relaxation with grown-up style? The Delta Children Chelsea Kids Upholstered Chair is a chic addition to any child’s bedroom, playroom or the living room.
  • Themed Chairs – your little one will go crazy for a chair with their favorite cartoon character on it. Whether they’re a fan of Mickey Mouse or your little one just LOVES unicorns, we’ll help you find a comfy and whimsical chair.

Storage Solutions for Toddler Rooms

Cleaning a toddler room can become a playtime of its own. Organization is a great way to implement a clean-up routine as well as bond with your talkative toddler. If you’re looking for products to help you organize, here’s a list that’ll quickly become staples in your toddler’s room:

  • closet systems – closet systems work for organizing both clothes and toys. If the playroom and bedroom are in the same space, organizing toys in their toddler room will become part of a daily routine. The Little Seeds Grow with Me Adjustable Kids Closet Organizer System grows with your child as they get older. It features a mix of hanging rods, drawers, and cubbies that are perfect for organizing all the toys and clothes your toddler owns.  
  • storage benchstorage benches are ideal for a kid’s room as they can double as a seating area for you to supervise your little one and a place to stash items. It is a great spot to store books and toys in a toddler room, keeping your child’s room organized while reducing clean-up time. A versatile bench that can fit perfectly into your kiddo’s space is the Delta Mysize Kids Activity Bench. Its 3-in-1 design converts easily from a bench with storage to a desk. It’s a great option for playtime, crafts, and homework.
  • bookcases – bookshelves are essential for organization as they help categorize items in your toddler’s room, making clean up easier and playtime longer. Add bins or baskets to help organize shoes, undergarments, socks, or other items you want your little one to reach for. If they keep toys in their room, the bookcase can also be used to help organize toys. The Delta Children Serta Happy Home Storage Bookcase is an excellent kid-sized option. A dreamy way to store away playtime essentials, it adds character to the room with its picket fence and roofline. You might even find yourself wishing these bookcases were made in adult sizes!
  • wall shelveswall shelves make it easy for you to store items and keep things out of reach of little hands. If a family member gifts a toy your child is too young to play with, it can be stored on a shelf away until they’re ready. You can also add bins to your shelves and organize everything by category or item type. This way, if you’re looking for a specific item you know exactly where to look. The Trend Lab Cloud Wall Shelf is a beautiful wall shelf option, and it also gives the room a little extra dimension.

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