The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the perfect excuse to update your home decor. And when it comes to pairing new pieces with your holiday-themed house, what could be better than a touch of metallics? At least, that’s what we think. Indeed, this holiday season, metallic finishes are making a huge splash with their many bright and bold color options.

To help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of metal home decor, we’ve put together a guide to cover it all. From answering your most asked questions, like “Can you mix copper and brass for home decor?” or “Are brass accents trendy?” to teaching you how to pick the best color for a chandelier, we’re here to deliver the inside scoop on holiday decorating with metallics.

How to Tastefully Use Copper Home Decor

If you’re looking for the perfect metallic finish to add a warm glow to your home this holiday season, look no further than copper home decor. Copper has long been a popular choice for homeowners during the fall and winter, and it’s easy to see why.
The beautiful warm hue of copper paired with its vintage appeal makes it a timeless choice in the realm of metallics. So if you’re left wondering, “Is copper used for decorations?” The resounding answer is yes!

However, while copper is a delightful choice for warming up any space, the key is to use it in an elegant way. Check out the following fun tips for implementing copper into your holiday decor.

  • Add copper accents to muted rooms. One of the best parts about copper is its ability to imbue warmth into any space. If you have a room in your house that’s feeling muted or cold this holiday season, consider adding a copper lamp or wall fixture to add a warm feel. This is the perfect way to subtly add a holiday touch to any space.
  • Embrace your natural side. Copper is the perfect complement to the dark greens of mistletoe or poinsettias. Add a copper vase or accent piece alongside holiday plants for a warm and inviting touch.
  • Get festive with copper Christmas decorations. Along with adding in a few copper fixtures, consider purchasing some copper-colored Christmas decorations. From ornaments to vintage decorations, copper is a timeless decoration choice with an antique appeal.

What Is the Best Chandelier Color?

When it comes to holiday lighting, what could be more iconic and beloved than a dining room chandelier? Chandeliers are stunning fixtures that immediately add to the elegance of your home. During the holidays, they also add an extra twinkle of light on dark, cold nights.

When choosing a chandelier, one of the number one questions homeowners often have is “How do you pick a chandelier color?” The key to picking out the best chandelier color is to think about the room where it will be mounted. What other key pieces are located in that room, and how can you best match the chandelier to the existing design?

For example, if you’re hanging a chandelier over your dining room table, consider the style of your table. If your table has a glass top with chrome legs, you’ll want to pick a chandelier with a cool tone finish and a classic design. If your dining room table is a large rustic design with rough edges, a modern chandelier with brass or oil-rubbed bronze might be the ideal match.

Once you’ve chosen the right chandelier to match the design of your space, use the following ideas to kick this metallic addition up a notch for the holidays:

  • String garland across the arms. If you choose a chandelier in a warm color, such as gold, brass, or copper, consider stringing a dark green garland along the chandelier’s arms. This will be the perfect contrast and add an extra festive touch.
  • Match a centerpiece to the chandelier style. Chandeliers are designed to match any style, from elegant to minimalistic. Once you have your chandelier in place, choose a holiday centerpiece that will match the style. For example, a twinkling crystal chandelier will be complemented well by a crystal vase with an elegant flower.
  • Suspend ornaments from the chandelier. Choose a few lightweight ornaments and hang them from your chandelier. Pick sparkly ornaments that will catch the light for an extra splash of warmth.

Brass Living Room Decor Ideas

Brass is a wonderful addition to your living room during the holiday season. The key is to understand how to decorate with brass accents effectively. Too much brass can overwhelm a room, but just the right amount can add a vintage appeal to your holiday decor.

One of the best brass living room ideas is to add a brass lighting fixture to the room. From a small table lamp with a brass base to a hanging pendant light with a brass finish, brass pairs well with the warm glow of additional lights.

Once you have your brass lighting in place, consider the following additional brass home decor ideas ideal for the holiday season:

  • Match brass ornaments to your light fixture. Draw out the beauty of your brass lighting fixtures with additional brass-finished ornaments. Brass ornaments work well alongside green, red, and blue decor.
  • Add a touch of color beneath a brass lamp. Consider adding a colorful doily or cloth under your brass lamp for a bright holiday touch.
  • Complement a brass fixture with a plant. The warm depth of brass is a great pair for the green of plants. Place a houseplant near your new brass fixture and enjoy the blend of the two tones.

More Fun Metallic Decor Ideas

If you’re still looking for metallic decor ideas, consider a splash of gold or a touch of silver.

For gold home decor, try adding a fun wall mirror. Not only will the warm gold of the mirror frame add a dash of bright color to your home, but it will be the perfect way to reflect the twinkling lights you string throughout your living spaces.
“And on every street corner you hear, Silver Bells…” There’s a reason silver is a popular holiday choice. Silver is a perfect match for the other bright colors of the holiday season. No matter what holiday design you opt for, whether elegant and subtle or bold and bright, silver home decor will be an exquisite match. For a touch of silver in your life, consider purchasing a couple of silver-based table lamps.

Whether you’re looking to add a small splash of metallics to your home this holiday season, or you’re a metal enthusiast who plans on adding dozens of new metals to your home’s aesthetic, make sure you visit your local Ashley Furniture store or browse our catalog online. Here, you’ll find the perfect inspo for a bright and merry holiday season.