Guide to Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

When it’s time to decorate for the holidays, many families consider the Christmas tree a treasured tradition. While some make it a big production and go to a tree farm to select a natural pine tree each year, others prefer putting artificial Christmas trees in their home. With the help of a Christmas tree buying guide, each family can achieve the look they want for the season.

There are many reasons a family would desire an artificial Christmas tree over a real one. First, artificial trees look close to the real thing and require far less upkeep. They also don’t shed needles, involve fewer fire risks, and don’t trigger allergies for people allergic to pine sap.

In addition, artificial trees don’t need to be thrown away at the end of the holiday season and can be used yearly. They don’t need watering to maintain their appearance and are safe around pets. If you would like to invest in an artificial Christmas tree that you can use in your home for years to come, this guide to artificial Christmas trees will help you find the right one.

What Are the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees?

Today’s artificial Christmas trees are not like the synthetic-looking ones from years past. Today you can find trees made out of PE and PVC, the most common materials used to replicate the needles of artificial firs. This durable plastic material can take on a variety of dyes and textures to make it look extremely close to natural pine needles. Higher quality Christmas trees will have a greater density of pine needles on their branches, so you can fluff them out and distribute them naturally.

Selecting a Christmas tree in a natural color like forest green will look the most realistic. However, getting a couple of extra artificial Christmas trees in exotic colors like white, green, blue, red, or even hot pink is fun just to jazz things up in different rooms. When shopping for an artificial Christmas tree, you can feel the difference between high-quality and low-quality products. The bristle-like needles of good Christmas trees are soft, vibrant in color, and strong. Its branches are firm yet flexible enough to be shaped naturally, providing enough volume to look as full as a natural tree.

When you pick the right tree, according to Ashley’s Christmas tree guide, you can add some Christmas decor, like ornaments on the branches. This fully fleshes things out and creates an impressive design for the holiday season.

What to Look for When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

When shopping for an artificial Christmas tree, there are several attributes that you need to keep in mind. The right tree for you may not be right for someone else, so take these considerations to heart as you shop around for winter decor.

  • Height: The tree should rise close to your ceiling but not touch it.
  • Volume: If you have a small space, avoid broad trees. Meanwhile, big rooms can showcase the grandeur of voluminous trees.
  • Color: Do you want traditional green or something different?
  • Price: The size and quality of the tree depend on how much (or little) you want to spend.
  • Lighting: Do you want unlit or pre-lit branches?
  • Quality of materials: Look for PVC and PE for durability. Standard plastic can lose its luster in just one season.
  • Safety: Quality trees should have good fire ratings to give you peace of mind.

As you can see, your taste and the dimensions of your room greatly influence the type of tree that will be right for you. Brainstorm what you need and measure the room, including your ceiling height, so that you can fit the perfect artificial tree for that space.

How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree can be an involved process, but it’s easier when you use handy tools like a Christmas tree size guide. You should also write down a list of features you’ve always wanted in a Christmas tree and decide how much you want to invest in the product. A high-quality artificial Christmas tree can last you for decades, while a cheap one might fall apart and lose its volume after a year or two. Therefore, if you go the artificial route, investing in a tree that will hold up for many years is best.

If you don’t have the budget for a high-quality Christmas tree, it’s better to choose a good, small tree so that you can get something that looks good while still offering great looks and value. To us, quality beats quantity every time, and it pays to get something that looks good instead of something that gives you more tree but with less quality. When you find something wonderful, you can decorate it with beautiful ornaments like Christmas garland to make it look grand and festive.

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

When decorating your Christmas tree, there are no hard rules to follow. However, if you want to stick to traditional expectations, here are some traditional decorations people used to dress up their trees.

  • String of lights
  • Tinsel
  • Globe ornaments
  • Tree toppers (such as an angel or star)
  • Unique tree ornaments
    • Family heirloom ornaments that are passed down from older generations
    • Niche ornaments that express your hobbies and interests
  • Garlands

And remember, any time you decorate your home, you can always follow your heart. No two homes look the same, and that’s what makes your family beautiful. Put up the ornaments that you love and enjoy the season!

Artificial Christmas Tree Size Guide

To make sure your tree isn’t too tall, short, wide, or narrow, you should follow our handy artificial Christmas tree size guide. Ensuring you get the right tree size will make a world of difference in how your holiday house looks. Typical sizes include:

  • Small Trees: Anything under 5 feet in height. Great for small homes and bedrooms.
  • Medium Trees: Between 6-8 feet. Excellent for homes with standard 8-foot ceilings.
  • Large Trees: These rise between 9-10 feet and are suited for rooms with higher ceilings, and have a strong impact in the home.
  • Extra Large Trees: Any tree over 11 feet tall is epic and made to be the center of attention. These are made for large corporate buildings or homes with extra high ceilings.

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