Your home is a shared space for everyone in your family. Build a unique space for each family member to call their own, regardless of how much square footage you can spare. This edition of guide to creating shared spaces is geared toward a masculine-inspired space for your partner. Somewhere he can go to relax, recharge and partake in their favorite hobbies. Check out our tips!

Start with the Space

Each space is unique to the layout and function of the room. Design the area to play up to your partner’s hobbies and use of the room. Executing the space’s layout, furniture and aesthetic around the purpose of the room will keep it clean and stylish.

A Productive Office

Sometimes bringing home the bacon also brings additional work to complete over the weekend. Make sure the space is functional by reducing the clutter of paperwork through storage. Try a shelving unit to keep things from piling on top of his workspace. Style the room with minimal décor to add a personal touch that ties together the main items like the desk. Add some entertaining features like a bar cart or additional seating to play up the look of an office.

Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, you can get as elaborate as you want with a home office. Since the room is already finished, all you’ll need to focus on is the wall color, furnishings and decor. In addition to a desk and chair, create an escape from the daily grind by including an entertainment area complete with TV, stand and seating. Make it comfortable with recliners, a loveseat or sofa. Add wall art to reflect your style.

For those of you working with less space, consider adding walls to create a private office area where a desk can be set up. If tight on money, go with the rustic look of unfinished walls, open pipes and unfinished ceilings. Sometimes the most dingy areas can be enlivened with a coat of paint, throw rugs and new furnishings.

At-Home Tailgate

A media area that’s perfect for binge-watching, whether it’s sports programs, documentaries or movies. If your partner looks forward to Sunday afternoons during football season, make sure there is ample room to entertain guests. Pick a sectional that offers comfort and is easy to clean in case of a bean dip-related accident. Add throw pillows and an ottoman to create dimension against the larger furniture piece.

If your tailgate space is outdoors, select a style that will last year-long and in all sorts of weather conditions. Add a fire pit to warm up your guests and your partner on chilly evenings.

Workshop of Wonders

When your partner’s space revolves around working with his hands and tinkering with projects, storage is key. Décor tip: Use a counter-height dining table as a work space to give him ample room to work at standing level while also selecting a stylish addition.

Let his hobby be the décor feature of the space. If he uses his workspace for wood-working, let wood be a key feature of the space. Does he make music or use the space as an art studio? Select beautiful pieces that will inspire his creativity.

What You Will Need

Stylish (and Functional) Storage:

Select storage fixtures that add to the space and create proper flow. A bulky piece might stifle the flow of light and will make the room look small. Use a more open concept that will keep the room bright. If you are creating a media room, a console will also add storage space. Style the space with knick knacks of his hobbies and interests.

Ample Seating and Comfort:

Depending on the type of space you are creating with your partner, select a style that will offer a cozy feeling at the end of a long day. An accent chair or sectional will provide comfort in any space you decide to make.

Decorating 101:

To distinguish this space from the rest of the house, try incorporating heavier accents like darker tones and industrial metals. However, stay away from the classic styling of a masculine space by building it around bulky furniture pieces. Optimize your space with open shelving and cozy elements like textiles and floor rugs that complete the room.

Everyone deserves to have a space in their home where they can reflect and relax. Converting an area of your space into a place where your partner can unwind and partake in their hobbies will help your happy home. If you create a masculine space for your partner using our tips and tricks, share it with us on Instagram by using #MyAshleyHome to possibly be featured on our feed! For those of you who need more interior design inspiration, check out our Pinterest