Living room design ideas flow in abundance, especially when your living room is more than just another space in the home. It’s a place to gather, enjoy the company of family and friends, or sit alone to read a good book. Your home should be your comfort-zone destination; that place that’s a unique reflection of you, your tastes, interests, style, and experiences. For these reasons, it’s important that this space is comfortable and personalized to your liking.

Considering all of the options available today, you could run rampant with designing. Perhaps you are looking to do a mid-summer refresh or spring cleaning. No matter the occasion, here are our living room ideas for 2017 (jump ahead to any section):

Living Room Design Ideas

How you design your living room will depend on two factors. First, what is the size and shape of the space? Knowing the scale you have to work with will help you find furniture that’s a perfect fit. Secondly, think about your interior design style. Is your style contemporary, bohemian, traditional, rustic, or a combination of several styles? Once you nail down these two factors, living room design ideas will come naturally.

This room is open and airy with enough space to fit a sofa, loveseat, and table. The neutral color palette creates a soft, feminine design.

Because of the shape here, it is best to position the sofa and loveseat facing each other with a table in between. The color medley combined with traditional and contemporary elements makes this an eclectic living room.

A large U-shaped sectional with a coffee table fits perfectly here, especially as the walking path runs through the center of the room. This design is contemporary with a hint of rustic.

No matter if your end goal is a traditional living room or romantic living room, these living room furniture ideas can steer you in the right direction.

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Next, add more style by incorporating home accessories into your living room design. These decor pieces can take your area from drab to fab. This is where you really have the opportunity to let your personality shine. Push the limits of style or keep it safe. This is your personal playground.

The map wall art, compass pillow, and Aztec pattern rug transform this living room from traditional to a wanderlust’s dream.

Modern living room design ideas begin and end with accessories. The abstract wall art and pop of yellow bring an on-trend vibe to this contemporary living room.

This room is a bohemian beauty filled with texture, plants, and layered rugs. Living room decoration ideas limited only by your imagination.

2017 Living Room Design Trends

Take a look at what’s currently trending in living room design for 2017. Even the most traditional, old world living room can take on a fresh appeal.

Minimalism is one design trend that has become widespread. Everything is strategically placed so as not to appear cluttered. The less stuff you have, the better.

Charming farmhouse design has captured the heart of 2017 living room trends. It consists of plush upholstery, weathered wood, neutral tones, and other soft touches such as florals and scripted text.

Bohemian design is everywhere. Feel free to forget about minimalism here and feel free to load up on vibrant colors, textured fabrics, and global inspiration.

Southwest traditional design is filled with familiar silhouettes and desert-inspired accessories.

As you may have noticed in each of these photos, greenery is a big deal. It adds a lively aspect to the living room and some plants are even great for cleansing the air.

2017 Living Room Color Trends

Lastly, color sets the mood in your home. Living room colors of 2017 are quite different from the trending colors of yesteryear. Popular living room colors of 2017 range from navy blue to blush pink.

Light blue adds a calming feel.

If you’re looking to sell your home in 2017, painting your living room light beige, pale taupe, or oatmeal can increase the value. But don’t do it just for resale value! These colors are a great backdrop for virtually any room.

Gray continues to rise to the forefront of living room colors of 2017. It’s a versatile, neutral shade that works well with practically any furniture.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start designing! Share your favorite living room design ideas and living room trends of 2017 with us on social media using #myashleyhome.