Some folks knock down walls and completely change it up to create their dream space. Sure, that sounds nice:  if you have the time, the courage and the coin. How about something more doable? With a couple of tweaks and a few simple swaps, you can transform your space in a budget-savvy, stylish way.


Make an entrance.

Every home, however humble, deserves an entry. Even if you don’t have a separate “entryway” per se, you can create one. A slim console table with a few decorative accents or a modest bench paired with a pretty mirror by the door makes for a nice entrance (and exit, for that matter). Having a place to grab your keys and check your look before you hit the road goes a long way.


Right that light fixture.

Maybe that cheaper “builder-grade” chandelier has been bugging you for too long, or perhaps it’s just time for some new scenery. As striking as they are, many pendants, chandeliers and light fixtures are surprisingly affordable, and what a brilliant statement they make in a room.


Dabble in accessories.

Toss around some wonderfully frilly or colorful pillows. Adorn a chair with a plush-to-the-touch throw. Roll out a highly textured rug. Wow, looking good from head to toe.

A few tips:

  • Replace pillowcases instead of getting new pillows to pinch pennies.
  • Swap out an area rug or some accent pillows midyear to create two seasonal looks. (It’ll make for a nice change, and rugs used half the time should last twice as long.)
  • In colder months, wool and polyester rugs and dark, velvety pillows invite you cuddle up. In warmer months, jute or sisal rugs and cotton/linen pillows lighten the mood beautifully.
  • If you’re really frugal, consider what you can repurpose as an accessory. Frame an intricate strip of fabric and create your own tapestry. Gather your best-condition hardcovers use them to give a shelf or coffee table a smartly stylish touch.
  • Just as you might add an accent piece here and there—be it a candle holder, decorative bowl or whatnot, consider taking things away to keep the look clean and uncluttered. It’ll give you a chance to swap out accessories later and refresh the scene when you’re in the mood.